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Alabama Disability Advocacy Network


Mission:  To be a non-partisan, grassroots, cross disability, consumer driven network advocating for systems change in Alabama for people with disabilities and their families.

Alabama has many individuals, groups and organizations who advocate for the needs of individuals with disabilities.  However, many of these efforts are very fragmented.  AL DAN’s mission is to serve as an umbrella organization bringing the many advocating bodies together to create changes for the entire state as it relates to issues affecting those with disabilities.

The most important aspects of AL DAN is that it is consumer driven and is led by an elected body of 12 individuals who have a variety of disabilities.  The voice of individuals with disabilities is the basis for the entire organization.

Our goal is to increase the number of advocates in the state by networking with individuals, families, professionals, groups, and organizations.

The intended results are to share ideas, collaborate, and to create joint opportunities to resolve issues that Alabamians with disabilities face in daily lives

Join as a Advocate Member today.  We need your support as we change Alabama together!



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Advocating For Positive Change

Natalie Whalen
AL DAN Project Director
175 St. James Place
Ozark, AL 36360

("This project is developed under a grantthe Alabama Council for Developmental Disabilities (ACDD).  However, these contents do not necessariliy represent the views or policies of the Council")